What To Expect From A Typical Desert Safari In Dubai

Going on a desert safari are one of the must-dos when you visit Dubai. This is a great way to experience the food and culture of the locals as well as to enjoy the unique landscapes in the Arabian Gulf. There are a usual set of activities that are included in almost every safari.

A desert safari will usually require at least half a day. Most Dubai desert safari deals include picking you up from your hotel or a pre-agreed location and dropping you back safely afterwards.

Dune bashing

This is a fun ride where an experienced driver will drive you in a 4WD over the dunes in the dessert. It is quite a bumpy ride, but a nice experience. This ride may make the guests feel queasy, so it is best to eat a light meal before your trip.

Elderly people, infants and small children (usually under 5), pregnant mothers and people with injuries are usually not allowed to take part in this activity.


This is similar to skiing. The participants must go to the top of a sand dune and slide down it with aid of a sandboard. It is ok if you fall in the middle of your decent, because there is soft desert sand all around you to cushion the fall.

Dancing, Henna and other activities

Once you reach a desert camp there will be many other recreational activities. You can enjoy shows that include belly dancing, the tanoura and other folk dances. There will be stalls that do henna designs on your hands and your feet. You may also buy souvenirs from the stalls.

During your ride you will get several opportunities to take photographs.

Camel rides

This is also an experience you will only get in a desert. You can enjoy the sunrise or sunset while riding these friendly creatures.

Both morning and evening desert safari deals will include this in there package. If it is not then you must make it a point to find individual cameleers who will take you. Riding a camel is nothing like riding a horse.

BBQ dinner

After the events of the evening all the guests get to enjoy a BBQ dinner around a campfire. Here you will get the chance to experience the local cuisine as well as international food. If you are a vegetarian or if you have allergies they are willing to accommodate your needs upon prior request.

Alcohol and quad bikes

Alcohol is usually prohibited in the country, but they have made an exception here. You can have alcohol for an added fee. However, this facility may not be available during the month of Ramadan.

For those who like you can take a ride around the desert on quad bikes. This facility is also given for an added fee.

These are pretty much what you will be doing in a desert safari, although, of course every company will have their own set of added facilities. This is a great way to enjoy the desert and all its glory.

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