Current Beauty Trends Of Men In Dubai

In the Middle East there is popular understanding that a spruce and clean man will be more likely to find success. However, the definition of a well-groomed man has changed drastically over the years in the Middle East just like everywhere else. It might come as a surprise that the beauty care sector for men is one of the largest markets in this country.
Hair care
The earliest men salon usually facilitated a speedy haircut and perhaps a shave. Over the years men have come to think about trendy haircuts, massages and hair creams. So if you visit a beauty parlour now you will probably be surprised by the number of hair care products that are available for males. What is even more surprising is the number of males who actually visit the salon for more than just a haircut. You will find a large number of youngsters who want flashy tints and jazzy hair dos.
Some companies manufacture hair sprays, gels, creams and even products for the beard. For those who like the hipster look you will find special beard combs and creams to suit your fancy. If you visit a barber shop Dubai Marina even men will find a range of hairdos to choose from.
The extent to how thinking patterns have changed are obvious when they hold and annual event to find UAE’s best barber and shaver.
Skin care
Now men have a range of products to choose from to apply on their skin. Back in the day soft and smooth skin on your hands and face was the accepted as predominantly female traits. Now, judging by the number of face and hand creams on the market, these traits have become desirable for men too.
More and more men are becoming interested in their appearance and are visiting salons and spas for facials and massages.
Many international companies specializing in beauty care for males have built partnerships with Dubai companies and helps fulfill the growing needs of beauty products for men.
Nail care
Not too long ago a man would rather die than admit to having done a manicure. However, many have come to accept and appreciate the metrosexual man and you will find a large number of salons right here in Dubai that have these facilities. The demand for these types of services is reflected by specific words like ‘hand grooming’ instead of the more feminine ‘manicure’ to describe the procedures for males.
All in all it can safely be said that beauty trends have changed radically over the past few decades. Now not only women, but men too spend a significant amount of money on beauty care.

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