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Our journey has a long history. If we did not have downs in it, we will miss the opportunity of having ups. Therefore, the success comes out from ups and downs. Every business has an own story for it. Every business person has a hard time. But thinking of it won’t help you to see the silver line in the darkest clouds. You have to keep your feet on the ground and look back. This will help you to understand what made you wrong and what let you down. But if you had only the hard times all the time, it means something really really wrong somewhere down the lines.

Okay. Let me come to my grounds again. This is to open up your eyes to see the things that you never saw before, which can also have the greatest influence to let you down to the grounds. We spent on advertising at mass scale, because we firmly trust the popularity comes from the presence. Therefore, even though we have a good set of product portfolio we never think twice when spending money on branding and marketing activities.

But surprisingly, though we spent so much without giving second thoughts, we hardly see our figures going up. Very hardly. The next day morning when we refreshed what we were able to say was a downfall again. We stopped everything for a while and wanted to investigate the reason behind this. We checked our brands, those were tremendously good, but still what is wrong with this?

Then we realized the figures we used for our corporate events do not deliver the message we want, simply our advertising and branding campaigns were not appealing though we thought it was. The promoters in Abu Dhabi we hired were not the professionals and not up to our standards.

Hostesses for events Dubai we hired did not carry that presence we wanted in our brand. Then we observed the campaigns of our competitors, though their product line is not vast like ours, still they are making good numbers. We observed their campaigns they conducted, they used the same financials but the results were successful. The only possible reason we could identify was the personalities and characters used for their events.

We were surprised thinking of how that simple thing can make such a big change. Then we realized our customers see our image and quality of the product from the personalities they see in our advertising campaigns. Therefore, these special characters play a special role indeed. People prefer to make their purchasing decisions based on them.

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