A Generation Of Unhealthy Children

It is a little known fact that children of this new generation are unhealthy, obese and lack confidence in themselves. Many young children and teenagers are showing signs of illness that were once only known to occur in older people and most of these children lack the energy needed to participate in everyday activities. The main reason for this is that rather than going out on to the street to play with their neighbourhood friends for a healthy game of rugby or cricket, children today spend hours consecutively on their computers, their tablet computers and their smart phones either playing games or watching television series resulting in a generation of obese and unhealthy children. It has been noted that there is a significant decline in health among most children today as a result of this lack of exercise coupled with the shockingly unhealthy food available in the market for young children and adults alike.

The importance of extra activities

As a parent it is your duty to make certain that your child gets enough exercise and gets a healthy diet. If your child is already spending hours in front of the computer playing computer games, you might find it difficult to convince him or her to break away from the habit and enroll in some actual physical activities that will provide your child with exercise and talent. However it is important for you to enroll your child in ballet classes and other activities that you think he or she might be interested in. After your child has been attending these classes or drama activities for a few weeks, it will become clear if he or she is truly interested. If your child is interested and talented at a certain activity, they will certainly take a strong interest in it and will start to enjoy attending the lessons where as if the activity is truly not for him or her, you will be able to see this clearly in a week or two.

You can choose the activities that you enroll your child is based on his or her current interests. If for example your child spends time listening to hip hop and modern music, you could try enrolling him or her in hip hop classes for dancing and singing too.

The key thing for you as a parent to remember is that the activities you enroll your child in need to provide your child with exercise and a proper work out. While singing may be a great activity and your child might be a talented singer, it will not make your child physically fit.

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